Видео: How to repair & open the Xbox 360 Slim disk drive tray when stuck - YouTube

How to repair & open the Xbox 360 Slim disk drive tray when stuck - YouTube

A detailed tutorial video on How to open the Xbox 360 Slim CD / DVD / Disk Drive tray without damaging your console and to fix ...

Gamerade - Cleaning and Restoring an Original XBox - Adam Koralik

http://www.figureitoutproductions.com In this video I clean and restore an original Microsoft XBox that I ultimately gave to my ...

How to open your Xbox One console. Xbox One disassembly tutorial

This full tutorial will show you how to open your Xbox One console. This is a free step by step Xbox One disassembly tutorial.

XBox One Power Supply Disassemble/Cleaning

Simple fix for people with common sense. No trolls please.

Console Repair - How to Fix Original Xbox Stuck Disc Tray

In this video, I test an original Xbox I found at a Goodwill Outlet Store. I know, before I test it, it at least has a stuck disc tray.

How to take apart and open Xbox 360 Slim

I hope this video has been helpful, if it has, please click the "like" button. Why not? Its free! if you need help putting it back together, ...

How to fix Xbox 360 stuck disc tray, EASIEST WAY EVER!!

This is the easiest way to fix a stuck Xbox 360 disc tray. No disassembly, no removing parts. All you need is a qtip and rubbing ...

Fixing a Stuck Original Xbox Tray

Quick guide to fixing a stuck disk drive on an original xbox (works on 360s as well)

Xbox One S Teardown - Detailed Disassembly Guide

We can fix your game console: http://www.tronicsfix.com/ We take a brand new Xbox One S from the shipping box and tear it down ...

How to repair Xbox one power brick no working (NO OPENING!)

Go subscribe to my buddy fatmans fishing follow him on Instagram as well we will highly appreciate it have a good day stay ...

XBOX 360 HowTo Repair: DVD Disc Drive: Open Tray Error

In this video I show how to clean and repair a DVD drive from an XBOX 360 gaming console.

Xbox One HDMI port Repair

Had this Xbox One in for repair recently which had suffered damage to it's HDMI port, these repairs are pretty straight forward, BUT ...

How to Open up an Xbox One Controller

How to fully take apart an Xbox One Controller for Repair or Modifications.

Xbox One S All Digital Edition Teardown!

It’s the Xbox One S All Digital Edition! If you loved everything about your Xbox—except the ability to use physical copies of ...

Proper cleaning and maintenance of your Xbox One S

This Video will show you Proper cleaning and maintenance of your Xbox One S, it will show you how to open your system without ...

xbox 360 slim repair - Disc drive tray stuck

The tray will not open or close. It was hit while open and the tray gears got misaligned. To reset the gears you need to take it apart, ...

Xbox One disc drive fix

for all those who's consoles are giving you that "we cannot read this disc" error message, this is what I did to fix mine. it started out ...

xbox 360 E How to properly open clean & Repast without damage

how to, Repair a Xbox, Repair a Xbox 360, Repair a Xbox Slim, Repair a PS1, Repair a PS2, Repair a PS3, Repair a Wii, Clean, ...

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