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Godin Detour Electric Guitar

Godin Detour Electric Guitar www.japanguitar.ru.

Godin Detour Review

The Godin Detour. a good guitar for a good price.

Godin Detour Pickup SWAP

I am trying different pick-ups in my beloved Godin Detour Seymour Duncan Duckbucker and EMG Select SES I installed both ...


SUPPORT RON GELINAS CHILLOUT LOUNGE ✅ YouTube: ➞ Subscribe for Regular Uploads of Great Music: ...

Godin detour - test con nuevo entrastado

Godin detour, test sound with a camera so bad sound.


Godin Detour demonstration.

Beginner Solo + Tapping With Godin Detour

Hey i've been Playing Just About A Year, I Know It's Not Too Good. Please Feel Free To Comment. It's All Self taught no Lessons.

Moscow Calling [Gorky Park Guitar & Bass cover]

Moscow Colling cover Guitar - Godin Detour with EMG active pickups (USA, 2006) Bass - Musima Action Bass (Germany, 1986) ...

Dirty Window (Metallica Guitar & Bass cover) with James Hetfield vocals

Lyapichev Ilya - Dirty Window (Metallica cover) Guitar gear: Guitar 1 - Selfmade Explorer Guitar (EMG pickups) Guitar 2 - Godin ...

Rasputin [BoneyM guitar & bass cover]

Rasputin cover Guitar - Godin Detour (USA, 2006) with EMG pickups Bass - Musima Action Bass (Germany, 1986) Amp - Yerasov ...

Vinnie Moore - Rain (cover by Oleg Makarchuk)

Gear used: Godin Redline 1, Orange Rockerverb 50 MkII, Maxon OD808, Strymon Time Line, Lava cables, Shure Sm 57, ...

Toxicity (System Of A Down Guitar & Bass cover) with Serj Tankian vocals

Lyapichev Ilya - Toxicity (System Of A Down cover) Guitar gear: Guitar - Godin Detour (EMG pickups) Amp - Kustom HV30 Mic ...

Wait And Bleed [Slipknot Guitar & Bass cover] with Corey Taylor vocals

Lyapichev Ilya - Wait And Bleed (Slipknot cover) Guitar - Godin Detour with EMG-81/60 pickups (tuning - Drop B) Bass - Schecter ...


Testing the sustain of my guitar collection Godin Freeway Esp Ltd Viper Squier Strat Yamaha Pacifica and Godin Detour.

Rock: Notas con Armónicos

En el rock se usa muchísimo el agregar armónicos a las notas tocando la cuerda con el pulgar inmediatamente después de que ...

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