DiMarni boots crush dead bugs

Not the best idea to use such expensive boots but it was fun, i made such a mess... For more interesting crush videos, mail me: ...

Unknown movie bug crush

let me know if you know this movie! :)

Farruko, Bad Bunny, Rvssian - Krippy Kush (Official Video)

Farruko, Bad Bunny & Rvssian - "Krippy Kush" (Official Music Video) "TrapXficante" is now available! iTunes: ...

Death Machine (1994) - Bug Chip Crush in White Sneakers

DON'T CLICK ON THIS: https://bit.ly/2OmWoXZ Follow Me on: Twitter: @redsentai Instagram: @frederick_zabala Be my Patron: ...

Sabina Kuriakose's shoe crushing bug

Sabina Kuriakose stepping on a bug!

Bug Crush!

Bug Crush! Sweet Feet NZ is your No1 Foot channel. Request videos and see them come to life. Beautiful woman's feet to help ...

More Snails Crushing and smashing

Bugs pests crushing using foot, fist, and stones, hulk smash please visit iamnowat.com for more bugs crushing videos. if you ...

unknown movie bug crush

let me know if you know this movie! :)

Beat Bugs: I've seen a face Julia almost crushes Jay

Julia nearly crushes Jay under her groundshaking weight.

Ant massacre preview

bugcrush #crushfetish Jess crushes 100s of ants barefoot for your delight... hope your wallets are ready.

Piggy Bank lvl 5 Opening + REPLAY BUG EXPLAINED - Castle Crush

23 Trying to find the best way to use original sounds from the game, plus my voice.. I'm almost there :) thanks for your support!

Sorry i Crush Roaches Bugs because they are soo nasty

i don't like crusching but roaches are sooo rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i hate them. they smell soo stink & theare so bad and very ugly monsters.

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