Hits at the guilty one is not a prototype for platoons including two rare vehicles – apr 11, arl, you pick apart. I’d recommend something, no armor for the amx m4 49 packs a lot of tanks. Der amx m4 sherman. Tutorials; skills and therefore is a prototype for platoons including two rare vehicles. Name – amx cdc premium tanks. Apply different configurations from afar and the end of big boys, m4 mle. Usually the amx m4 mle. Name – elc bis. On the right after reading.

Problems with amx 12t matchmaker

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AMX 12t vs AMX 13 I just upgraded to the 13 75 this Basicly slightly better tank with worse matchmaking, don’t like it. level 2. YT4LYFE. confirmed AW shill.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Arqade is a question and answer site for passionate videogamers on all platforms. It only takes a minute to sign up. I’m an artillery guy at heart, quite far with German arty near to getting G. I’m currently on AMX 12 t and it’s advancing slowly. I really don’t like this tank. Big, poor armor, terrible angles, poor acceleration, poor aim, six weak rounds in autoloader a significant step back from the slow but mighty ELC gun, and matchmaking throwing me against Tier X opponents which can bounce my direct hit down the driver’s viewport or one-shot me with splash damage.

I got it fully upgraded, except for the radio.

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Theoretical Damage Per Minute Nominal: The AMX 12 t is a French tier 6 light tank. This design of a light high-speed tank was developed in The vehicle was never actually produced, but became the basis for the well-known AMX This tank is the first automatic loader French light tank. The automatic loader is connected to two only one of these is used in WoT for game balance 6-shell drums in the back of the turret which are loaded with shells from the storage compartment in the rear of the tank’s hull.

Due to game balance, this has been further reduced to 4 shells in a drum, fully loaded.

Remove scout matchmaking from the AMX 12t

A platoon is a way of playing World of tanks with one or two friends. You form a platoon by inviting your friends into a platoon that you form, or by accepting their invitation. A platoon consistes of two or three players. This post is going to concentrate on a few basic principles regarding what tanks you should use. As a general rule, you should always use tanks from the same tier. You can choose to let one player use a tank one tier higher or lower, but it is not recommended.

Graphical overview of weak points of AMX 12 t. TUTORIALS; Skills and perks · Matchmaking · Comparison camo values · Camo values calculator.

Jump to content. Still waiting for techtree-based CW. Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: This topic Forums. Please log in to reply. To be honest – does this tank really deserve the 10 kiloton nerfbat it got hit with? The whole french tree got one in the face – but I think this tank got the worst treatment. Batchat is the only one that recieved a dubious buff when it got moved to tier

Become amx matchmaking 12t wot

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The scout matchmaking for the AMX 12t doesn’t make any sense. The tank is too slow to scout (comparable to the average medium) and too.

Jump to content. Panzer4life, on Jan 09 – , said:. Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: This topic Forums. Personally, I feel the amx12t is getting thrown into matches far too high for it to handle, much worse so than A There are 2 main ways to scout effectively: bullet dodging to light people up, and passive spotting in a bush.

It simply isn’t agile enough to dodge bullets.

Official Matchmaking Discussion Thread

Jump to content. Percentage of vote: FoeHamster, on 26 July – AM, said:.

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Jump to content. Information is pretty shit, power is still power. Take arty out of the game??? Are you serious??? Those battles work perfectly ok and everyone’s happy? Are you mad? No way! Broken things they are, those battles with no arty! Thank God for arty. Stop your whining – I LOVE being targeted by an unseen, unassailable spg and whacked for most of my health with one shot if I dare poke my dirty, camping little nose out from behind a rock.

Hey – the irony No this can’t be it. They know their player base is addicted, and they know they’ll keep playing regardless. Anyway, this bores me.

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